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Energy Meditation

by kahoku

I've always been interested in meditation techniques, and due to recent events, I wanted to share these two with you. Both of them work through visualization; they are not only suitable for vampires, but for everyone who feels they need a little more energy. Of course, you can adapt these techniques to your own preferences.

1. The Sphere

I love doing this one in the morning, either at home or inside the public transport.

Close your eyes. Focus on the spot where you touch the ground and/or the seat. Feel your own weight pressing onto these spots. (Alternatively, use your preferred centering/grounding technique.) Then start building up a sphere around yourself. You can either choose a material for it, or let your subconscious choose one. (In my case, it's made of solid brass.) Find some decoration for the inside of your sphere - line it with cloth, warm wood,... but don't spend too much time on it, it's just to make you feel comfortable. Now focus on the space in front of your head. Imagine energy appearing there. Again, the form and color varies from one person to another, and sometimes it also varies for one person. Wait for the energy to manifest, and then take it into yourself with seven deep breaths. Wait a little, let the energy fill your whole body and adjust to your own "signature". Then, slowly, take away the decorations, and finally the sphere. Feel the place you're in, the people around you. Don't open your eyes immediately.

2. The Fountain

This one takes a little longer. In principle, it's very much like the first one, but it's a lot more intense.

Find a place where you won't be disturbed for a while. Turn off your mobile phone and any other source of distraction - aborting this meditation may leave you disoriented.

Focus on your body. Center and ground yourself, if you like. Now imagine a place you feel comfortable at. It could be the spot you're currently at, a place you visited on a journey, or a fantasy world - that's up to you. Look around. Start walking and try to use all your senses, experiencing all the details of your surroundings.
When you feel you really are at this place, search for a way down. A hole in the ground, a staircase... Take this path down, until you reach the end (at this point, the images should be coming by themselves). The place you're now in contains your energy source. There are vast differences between people's perceptions of this: a small house at the beach, a cathedral of stone, a cave with glowing mushrooms...
Search this place for your fountain. No matter if it's literally a fountain, or just a bright energy ball floating in the air. Concentrate on it, and it will start giving its energy to you. Take as much as you like - this energy is all yours. Fill yourself up until you think you had enough, then separate the connection again. You can stay a little longer, explore this room a little more, before you leave the same way you came. Don't forget to close any door you opened, and return the keys to where you found them (I know someone who has a friendly dwarf as a "key holder" next to his fountain room).
Return to the place where you started your journey, and then let go of the image. Start feeling out into the "real" world again, take several deep breaths and move your arms and legs a little before opening your eyes.

I hope these techniques will help you a little or at least inspire you to find your own.

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