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Of the Incarnate Angel

by Terro

Dear Members, Moderators and interested readers,

I have seen on this little spot several topics concerning and/or governing the information as to what the Angels are/what they can do outside of this body and within their true forms. I'd like to go on a bit about what I've learned thus far as to how Angels act within the human body.

Angels, as well as many other supernatural beings are in possession of a lot more power than Joe Schmo on the street. At the same time let's take a twelve year old with no memories of his Angelic self, no knowledge of how to use his Angelic abilities, and no idea how or why to be defensive in certain situations? Additionally, what keeps the soul of an Angel within the human form?

Angels whom I have met have a series of unique binding spells and bonds that restrict power. By unique I mean that even a novice magick user can simply cut a bind, these bear no strings, they are of a different sort, some of them placed on by divine forces to keep the power in check, others were put on the Angel by itself (these ones become temporarily removable with enough practice, releasing a ton of energy in the process). These measures exist merely to dampen the abilities of the Angel in question, except in special cases.

A second measure exists as a defense mechanism. These are wards, and Angels just by nature, with or without magickal training or focus run them. They are run in multitudes according to the strength and age of the Angel. The first type of ward is pentogramic, it absorbs spiritual energy, making the Angel appear human to other spirits and demons, as well as draining energy from any attack sent by such creatures not in human form. The second type is hexogramic, these exist with the same functions, however they mask your presence to humans around you. Both wards are extremely effective, creating an illusion to any that have psychic or empathic abilities that you are just another human.

When attacked, let's use an example that an astral being doesn't like you and throws itself at you. Once it hits the point I call the event horizon, the wards begin to pick apart the raw energy and re-enforce themselves with it, becoming stronger each time and able to drain more. When the user of these wards becomes too tired to run all their wards, one by one they fail, which is not necessarily bad. This means that all the energy you were using to run that ward is now at your disposal. With practice one can learn to retract enough energy to deactivate them, then use the excess for whatever purposes deemed necessary.

Onto the incarnated Angels from high status or of high power. The presence of an Angel who is a little tougher than the average requires a greater number of binds and wards to contain said energy. Increasing the number of binds restricts the power as well as the access to memories greater in number than a younger Angel. With the increased pool of energy, the Incarnate Angel is able to, and almost invariably does, operate an increased quantity of the wards at a 1 for 1 basis (an additional one hexogramic for every additional one pentogramic and visa versa).

The increased fields which have the side effect of draining energy sometimes pin the description of these individuals as being psi-vampires, based heavily on their draining of energy, especially while exerting themselves. Anyone more experienced, or the individual upon awakening enough to be aware of themselves and the functionality of their protective wards will see that the center of person does not actually require the energy, but absorbs it nonetheless, and additionally will recognize the device used to drain said energy.

The radius at which these fields are effective at may be as little as three feet or as great as (what I've seen at max) roughly 100 ft. The absolute minimum and maximum ranges depend mainly upon the concentration of the controlling individual, who can shrink them or expand them. These fields naturally encompass anywhere between 5 and 20 feet depending on the Incarnate in question and the number of wards operating.

The Angelic aura is difficult to see except for those who know what to look for. To the average onlooker with the ability to see auras, they may appear very human, however to one who for some reason sees something wrong, or knows that this person is inhuman, upon closer examination the true aura may be spotted. Angelic auras generally are similar between Angels of a specific chior, and differ from those of other choirs. They also generally tend to (by chior) exhibit a dominant color, with many specs and rings of other colors. In my aura I have spotted about 36 distinct separate colors, 35 not including the main color.

I will not get into specifics of what they look like for a good reason. Because my aura is very close to being the same as any other of my brothers and sister, anyone who knows my aura, can also spot theirs. I may feel daring enough to divulge my aura and risk myself, I am not willing nor do I feel I have the right to put that information out risking my siblings. It is the same with the other choirs, if someone can find one of the choir, they can find all in the choir.

One of the most telltale signs of the Incarnate Angel also happens to be the bind that most Angels can naturally deactivate, that is a specific bind on their wings. Most of the day, even someone staring at my aura and seeing the Angelic aura will not see my wings, if I became nervous, riled up, emotionally charged somehow, the instinctive response brings out the wings. The reason for this is simple, Angels do not actually need their wings to fly, they cannot fly until their wings are big enough, but they do not use their wings like a bird does, they fly more akin to Superman than anything else. The wings do, however, make a wonderful shield, they are resilient and provide a lot of cover, additionally you don't really feel how much they hurt until after the battle. Thusly as a first defense, where a regular person tenses muscles or widens their stance, an Incarnate Angel does the same, and extends their wings. The wings are seen as phantom limbs and are of no use except against any supernatural threat, which in itself is incorporeal (though I really wish I could use my wings in this world and be able to fly, especially with rising fuel costs).

Since we've gotten onto the topic of wings, let's travel a little bit into functionality and purpose. In this installment I will be moving tangentially for a short while from the incarnated Angel over to the actual Angel.

Generally speaking, an Angel's wings are an indication of many things. The type of wing, color of wing and the size of wing tell an awful lot about the Angel. The type of wing the Angel bears will be similar to certain types of bird wings (being that Loyal Angels when manifesting the stereotype man with wings, will have feathered wings). Angels who are less powerful, do not have purposes to match an array of more violently aligned tasks and overall do their business without use of swords for the most part will have wings more reminiscent of songbirds. Angels for whom battle is their purpose, or commonly becomes part of their purpose, bear wings more reminiscent of predatory birds, hawk and falcon wings most common, wings more likened to an Eagle are exceedingly rare. While Angels who bear wings may fly once they've reached a certain age, those with the more predatory wing types will be flying faster and more maneuverable than those with less violent purposes.

The color of wing depicts the Angels level of loyalty or lack there of. Most Angels who are loyal maintain white feathered wings. There are Angels with wings of slightly varied hues, however these are specific to purpose or Angel, though these are not terribly common by any stretch of term. As an Angel commits sin, engages in malice or transgressions against their nature or against the Name, the Angel becomes tainted by it. The Angel's wings reflect this by taking on a darker appearance or conversely gaining feathers colored black. As long as an Angel has not Fallen, their wings will not become fully black. As a side note, there are Angels who can manifest black wings while performing acts, this is not a sign they are foul mean beasts, this is theatrics for lack of better word, their wings naturally are not pure black. The details and extra information on Falling will be addressed in a later installment.

The size of wing is a rough measure of the age of the Angel. Angels' wings grow as they age, from birth being minuscule and not allowing flight, to the oldest among us, the Morning Star, who's wingspan is roughly over 30 feet. Angels who are older, are also stronger than younger members of their choir, I make the choir specification because there are Guardians near as old as Archangels who will get smacked around like a red headed step child compared to their Archangel cousins (albeit guardians that old are exceedingly rare). An Angel who is older will also most likely have more responsibility and probably higher post/status. Stretching wings as an Angel is like a high ranking military officer showing a chest covered in service ribbons, it is not a badge of rank, but an indication that they've been around the block a few times, so to speak.

If you are talented enough with your astral sight, and can spot the Angel's aura, should the wings be out, you may be able to discern them. This will then give you a better insight as to the Angel's past and past actions.

Thus far we have discussed the methods by which an Angel is bound to and incarnated into their body, the signs portrayed by an incarnated Angel and finally identifying properties of the wings of an Angel. We now begin into the explanation of the Angels who have parted from their Creator and fallen from grace.

When the first among Angels made his decision to disobey the order of the Name, he learned the hard way what Falling is. Those that believed along with him, followed him in the great Fall. Thusly there was the adversary come into being. Lucifer the Morning Star was the only Archangel to have fallen, the majority of the Angels who followed him were young, naive and immature. Though they were only roughly a third the host of Heaven, their numbers have grown over the years through natural reproduction alongside the Angels over the years who have also disobeyed and become Fallen.

This last bit, while seemingly tangential has a purpose, those that had followed Lucifer's decision are bound by his decision. No Fallen Angel may find redemption until such time that the first among Fallen is redeemed or is destroyed. Thusly, no Fallen Angel has been redeemed.

Falling is attained by, and only by, directly disobeying an order from the Creator. Upon making such decision or taking such action, the Angel in question is cut off from the Creator as they have forsaken it, their wings become fully black and they are ejected from Heaven most forcibly (provided they are in that realm when the action occurs). The Fallen Angel hereafter cannot re-enter the realm of Heaven, both being physically unable to by the power of the Creator, and also that the guards of the gates would strike at the Fallen as it approaches.

To dispel the myths about the Fallen. Angels are not empowered entirely by the Creator. The majority of their glory is from the Creator and is lost upon Falling, however they lose nothing of their skill, nothing of their power. Angels who lose their wings due to being cut off, destroyed, any other method, do not Fall or become human, no more than having an arm or leg amputated does. The wings of an Angel are a body part, and can be restored by many means. An Angel who removes his or her own wings usually is Fallen as it is stripping yourself of the most stereotypical sign of an Angel. Fallen Angels are not all evil, loathsome and malicious creatures of hate and sin. While there are a great many who have fallen quite further than others, there is at least half of the forces of the Fallen that seek redemption, and half of these who aim to destroy Lucifer in order to gain that.

Returning to the focus of incarnated Fallen Angels, they are in many ways similar to loyal Angels. They bear the same type of binds, bonds and wards, depending on how far they have strayed from their Angelic origins they may have a near identical aura. The difference falls in the display of their selves. Black wings are the least of these, they may have razor pointed teeth or fangs, claws, blackened or ashen white skin, their wings may have lost the feathers and become leathery, furred or even appear rotted and diseased. Fallen Angels do not display the glory in their aura of their loyal brothers and sisters, their auras if appearing the same type, will appear darker. Fallen may also display some stereotypical Demonic qualities in place of Angelic ones.

And thus this draws to a close my analysis of the incarnated Angels, I thank you for listening/reading and hope that I have conveyed helpful information.



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